ARMA-A truly new life model

The Formation of a New Type of Man


Quite frequently arises the question which model of organization and which course of action should a group of our character follow, in accordance to the ideology of nationalsocialism that we stand for. (It is of utter importance, to begin with, that the term “ideology” as it is understood in this text has nothing to do with the bourgeois-civil superficial fixations-obsessions and theories, but it refers to a true Cosmotheory -a perception of the Cosmos, a true and eternal Idea according to the concept of Platon- which is simultaneously both the Source and the Goal of our existence, a vital idea lively experienced, thus the metaphysical essence of our practical, inner and outer, personal and communal life).

The discernible steps that a group of our character, with our objectives and aspirations must take are the following:

First a primary-initial selection of individuals must take place according to the following: a) accordance to the fundamental ideological principles, b) immaculate character, c) a harmonical body –type and physiognomy, d) a healthy way of living, e) willingness and commitment to be truly introduced into a proccess of change and reconsideration of fixed viewpoints and attitudes in which they were addicted to in their former usual ,everyday “civil” life.

Second, all the members of this initial group must achieve a profound realization and actualization of our Idea, starting with our philosophical principles and reaching a point where through this very Idea as a consiencious true foundation they will be able to define and interpert every current political or practical issue, every aspect , every individual, every display, every event, every hearing, every allusion. In our case this means that we must define all the basic Principles and Values of Nationalsocialism, towards a true inner unity without any misty aspects and thereinafter redetermine the metaphysical, physical and historical essence of Aryanism and Hellenism. (It is very important to note at this point that for us the most usually, deliberately and deceitfully misinterpreted and misunderstood concept of Hellenism is identified with the historically presence of Aryanism within the geographical space of Hellas.)

The profound realization of our Ideology means much more than aggregation of knowledge. It means Cognition, it means Wisdom, it means the development of a subtile sense which renders the individuals capable to differentiate what is and what is not consistent to the physical and metaphysical harmony and cosmic order, in every level, thus in accordance to decency and to authentic nobility. It means apperception of the Holly in the Cosmos and disaggregation of the ignoble, of the dibasing and downgrading, the unholly and the contemptible. The development of such a discerning sense is one of ARMA’s fundamental missions, given the fact that the main base of Decadence and Deacy is located in the all-embracing and integral Confusion due to machination or insufficiency of the individual which thereinafter is usually exploited and fostered by the System. For better or for worst this sense is something not taught by books but evolves through a process of inner maturation, through tasks and group activities which are vitalized by a particular, undescribable but experienced Pneuma (Spirit).

Third, it is essential to acknowledge the living element of our identity as members of the ARMA community in order, with continuous work, to render our Ideology an esoteric existential concern for every one of us, orientating all the choices we make in our lives in consistency to this very Ideology, and even more upgrading the progress we make in this advancement process as a norm of our personal course and ultimately of our personal value. This inner work that aims to inner development will gradually lead to the crystallization of a New Life Model which will shape the New Type of Man that we evangelize , as a tangible reality, a foundation for the future of our Race and an embryon of the new man and of the reborn society that comes ahead, if we succeed to escape from the grip of this apparentlly all-mighty Death, i.e. of the established and ruling ataxia ( disorder).

This is obviously the most important mission and aspiration of ARMA.

It is something that has never happened before and if finally we succeed to trully make progress towards this direction it will be an unpreceedented case in the post war period for any group or organization inspired by our Ideas. The rate and extension of this acheivement are impossible to predict and will certainly be uncompairable to those of any previous attempt. This will anyway be a our biggest contribution to the Struggle . It is only enough to consider the mostly unknown extent of the historical effect that such teachings which produced a new life model and shaped a new man had, even if they were sometimes teachings of low quality. It is possible that the proper preconditions that will allow this  revolutionary act to yield results will never come along within our lifetimes. The shaping of a new Life Model and the education which will built the foundation for the New Type of Man can be a starting point on which our future political descendants and commrades will stand on, stand up and built upon, if ourselves in this generation fail to utilize the posibilities of this model.

Fourth, in parallel to the inner developmnet of the individuals of the initial group a quest of new individuals must take place under austere criteria. Individuals becoming willing to enter into a long process of training and development based and inspired by this New Model.




We talk about a New Life Model and a New Type of Man and thus it is important to outline some of their characteristics in order to make apprehensible what we mean when we talk about Nationalsocialism as a way of life.

We aim to a New Type of Man who must be: consistent to his Ideas his words and his acts, always honest, voluntarily discipline to his superiors and obeyfull to their orders, always self-disciplined according to his inner code of personal Honour, willing to execute tasks and labours, venturous and brave, sound and abstinent, unswerving, modest and decent, lacking tendencies to display himsellf to babble and rattle on, austere and frugal, responsible and forthright, considerate and creative, with a profound sense of his duty and mission, with positive thinking and good intentions. Having all of the above characteristics he can approach Areti (anc.greek: “αρετήν”, virtue) in its ancient Hellenic Classical meaning.

He must also aim to have a robust and pure body and spirit. This means that he must control his diet with an austere and ascetic manner, i.e. his diet must include mainly pure aliments, as close as possible to their natural state (raw and fresh products) which have not been processed or artificially improved, constraining thus or even excluding, if possible , meat consumption, to avoid alimony exaggerations and occasionaly to inflict himself with unusuall nutrition or even fasting as exerscise.

He must pursue to live within healthy surroundings, away from regions of anthropogenic psychic and aesthetic pollution, as close as possible to Nature, to abstain from unhealthy habbits (as smoking for example), sensual abuses  and of course he must exerscise and train daily in order to sustain high level of cardiovascular endurance, muscletory durability and strength, flexibility, speed and body coherence by endulging in running, trekking, swimming, bicycling,rowing and anything that is available, as well as in renitency excercises and martial arts in order to maintain high level fighting skills. The racial archetypes are living, inner models. A man’s masculinity must run through all the levels of his existence, beginning with the “Igemonikon” (greek: “Ηγεμονικόν”, leading, principal) of Platon, the solar center of the real and true Man which was manifested so divenily from our kind in the past –nevertheless the female nature, in accordance to the noble racial models, must stay away from nowaday’s dominant “mainadism” and rebelious unforgivable audacity and dementia .

Simoultaneously, he must excercise his mind and spirit by studying philosophy and by indulging with a philosophical glance in all sciences, humanitarian and positive, developing on parallel a penetrating and wide-angled, spherical, view, a composite ability of viewing the Cosmos, its phenomenons and its “secret Harmony” and Unity, aiming to the cultivation of Logos (greek: “Λόγος”) and of speech and utterance, writen and oral, as well as the art of dialectic and rhetoric always accompanied with essence and substance- in complete contradiction to the dominant “noisy drums” of our dark age.

He must also attend to his aesthetic education, indulging into the marvellous world of real arts, conjectural arts, the art of speech and of course into the art of music and dance, which enhances coherence and unity of spirit, soul and body in accordance to Kind and Archetypes, excluding with repulsion every foreign, barbaric and chthonic hearing and sound, image, performance and motion-rather than making sure that the food of his senses will be rigidly Aryan in both essence and form. As far as music is regarded every listening can exclusively be only of Aryan origin, fitting for nobles, in a manner dictated by the authentic “subtile sense” previously mentioned – thus only choice traditional and classical music. It is very important to mention here that one of ARMA’s fundmental missions is to redetermine Arianism and Hellenism evrywhere, as well in arts, in a tangible, solid and crystal clear manner.

Each individual’s associations with others must also be selected by using as criteria the cohesion and compatibility of the others to those characteristics.

It is, finally, of great importance for everybody to discover activities which will help them enter a state of  transgression and transcendance i.e. of the conventional fixed “ego”. During a non-combat period such activities that can lead to transgression of the conventional “ego” are the various extreme sports, sports of danger, adventure, exploring, battle simulation psychology etc., like high mountain climbing, long distance crossing in unfavorable environmnet – such as swimming long distances in the sea, mountain running and running of very long distances, orientering, crossing the sea in small boats, crossing arctic regions , martial arts etc.

The most vital element for truly acheiving this inner ascent is continuous self-observation as well as observation through others, focusing and meditation, the attempt of a consciencious experiencing of every situation, acting with meaning and consciousness.

Attaining this general life-frame, whose fundamental elements is everything mentioned above, should become a personal goal for every one of us, within the bounds of the “Great Struggle” according to the Aryan tradition – i.e. the inner struggle, as one aspect of the Cosmic Struggle of the Gods, the self-awareness of and the struggle against everything representing the negative self, the anti-cosmos. Our Victory in this Great inner Struggle will determine the scale of our true power and will grant us with unique abilities to carry through the outer struggle, which is in essence unseperable to the former. Victory in the inner struggle is a precondition for a desirable victory in the outer struggle, the convential struggle. This very profoundly essential dimension of the struggle has mostly been overlooked and underestimated in the past, in other attempts – and it is exactly what epitomizes the determinant difference of ARMA from anyhting that could superficially be characterized as ideologically relevant.

This is also determined by our marking, “Become who you are!”, in accordance to our Pindaric dictation and resolution : “ΓΕΝΟΙΟ ΟΙOΣ ΕΣΣΙwhich constitutes the golden rule of true Freedom and the authentic Duty towards it!