ARMA is an NS formation of racially conscious Greek -mainly- comrades, which aims at the consolidation of an all-domain pervasive, hierarchically structured group, composed of mentally and physically capable people, an elite that will and must eventually take over authority in Hellas, creating the actual prototype of a political-philosophical system inspired by the profoundest spiritual heritage of Hellenic and European Aryanism. Its first main goal is hence the shaping of this elite through the development and perfection of body and soul through the purification of spirit and the realization of our origin (metaphysically, historically and biologically conceived in parallel) and, thus, their duty and destiny.
ARMA actively encourages and supports the cooperation of analogous formations and individuals throughout the world preparing, thus, the way for the inevitable reawaking of the European race out of the destructive sedation that has been inflicted on it during the present Dark Times.