An excellent video that comprises all the Truth!!!

WhiteGenocide77Ἕνα έκπληκτικὸ βίντεο, ποὺ ΠΡΕΠΕΙ νὰ δῆτε!
Ἀποθηκεῦστέ το προτοῦ ἐξαφανισθῇ!!!

We advise also that you download it, before it disappears!
It has, though, just one flaw – its title: “Our patience has its limits”…
…Patience? I have no patience with Treason and the rapid destruction of our Race!

That is not patience, it is LETHARGY, which, along with pathetic and confused cowardice, make the ongoing unique and unbelievably “tolerated” White Genocide possible!

But I am afraid that there are still huge MOUNTAINS of indoctrinated Stupidity, of fundamental cowardice that paralyze inner Freedom and Will, of monumental “moralistic” nonsense leaving no room for the eyes to see, for the paralyzed mind to recognize and to reason: MOUNTAINS made of Lies, Poison, Falseness and many kinds of highly cultivated Bullshit, Mountains which may only be overcome through their total annihilation, turning them into the dust of their miserable poisonous and trashy elements – which shall then be clarified and simplified for all people to see and feel the proper disgust and abhorrence at them and their sustainers…

​ ​But we are still moving in the​ lowest of the​ ​Era of Trash, under the absolute and globally tyrannical rule of Trash. Its ​Masters are now making a risky experiment with all these surging apish hordes,​​ hoping that​ intense​ hypnotizing and lethargy of the ​White ​People will go on​,​ ensur​ing them​ quick​ fulfillment of their devilish plans.

_85074263_745be118-0d4d-4902-9659-27ad0fc16ca1However, IN CASE th​is horrible shortcut of their long term planning ​fails, if White People wake up in time from the heaps and mountains of the fundamental Lies and Bullshit they are burried under and set themselves Free, then the return of Truth shall be TERRIBLE for the Fathers of Lie, I swear!!!

​ ​The survival and total awakening of our species as ​Aryan people​, just at the Last Moment​ before our total degeneration and extinction​,​ is​ now​ our primary​ Duty, ​totally ​overshadowing EVERYTHING else!
​                                                                                                                             StG

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